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Android O download: already available for developers

Android OR download Google

Android O download: all set, it seems that there are not many new features in this release, it will probably be more stable than the previous ones.

Android O download: you can already do it. The operating system at an advanced stage of completion eGoogle announced that the final version of its next mobile OS is now available for developers to try, but has also made it known that the public version is almost ready.

Android O developer preview

Unfortunately, it seems that there are no striking new features in this release, probably a more stable version than previous versions. Although stability is not a negative aspect or to be underestimated because many new features have already been introduced in previous Android O builds.

Google claims that the finalized version of Android O will be available "in late summer". Both the LG V30 and the Samsung 8 could be presented already next month, and manufacturers would certainly not have to wait to get Android O.

Android O download: how to do it

Download Android O easy just go to the dedicated website and subscribe to the Android Beta Program (if you haven't already).

Android O Beta program

The Android Beta Program offers the opportunity to try new versions of Android before they are released and to share impressions with Google. On devices with which you subscribe to the program you will receive over-the-air (OTA) updates of the latest Beta versions of Android O. If you have previously signed up for the Android N Beta Program, you will have to register again to receive Android O .

You can withdraw from participating in the program at any time and return to using the public and stable version of Android. Note: if you unsubscribe from the program when a beta version of Android is running on the device, all user data will be deleted from the device.

Android O, will you call Oreo?

But what does the O mean? As underlined by the teaser proposed by Google, O could be for Octopus (octopus), probably the choice serves to increase the curiosity around the new name.

For months, the technological community has been waiting for some clues to find out the name of the new operating system. "Sar Oreo? Will it be an oatmeal cookie? An orange sorbet? Or some other desserts that start with" O "? Or maybe Android is going to move away from the nickname that has to do with desserts?

Android OR download GoogleBut there is still something more: Android O will also be Android version 8.0 and the polyps are known to have eight gambe.Che is really a low-calorie mascot? Among the various hidden contents, an Easter Egg with the image of an octopus was found inside the operating system … but not a dessert! Someone tell Google