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Android in 2010: ready for a big launch?

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The prediction was made by various analysts: in 2012 there will be the historic overtaking between Android and iPhone. a very recent forecast, therefore subject to verification. After all, the Mayans have been claiming for several thousand years that the world will end in 2012. A rather crowded year of events.

But for Android it is true that the push is starting to manifest itself now. The final of 2009 was for the operating system and standards created by Google the general test of a series of broader-spectrum initiatives that should take place next year. Various manufacturers, Motorola in the lead, have embraced the philosophy of Android, while Google itself seems to want to take the field with its device.

Not only that: in Asia more and more companies abandon the field of Windows Mobile, which Steve Ballmer himself has neglected and temporarily put in the background (also because the priority for the company is to bring Windows 7 to the security zone, to save assets), while the main novelty that various telephone operators are asking companies to produce for them mobile phones with Android to be distributed to their subscribers. the case of Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile with Samsung.

What can happen in the future? In 2010 it is probable that a good number of devices will also arrive in our country, not only those of Htc. And that Android will become an all-out actor in Europe too. It remains to be seen whether the β€œancient” defects of the telephone, including the lack of total compatibility between the products of the different manufacturers, will be resolved and accepted by the public. And what Apple will do in the future, especially given the concrete possibility (according to analysts) of starting to diversify its iPhone line within a year.