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And here is Mac OS X 10.1: the right day tomorrow?

And here is Mac OS X 10.1: the right day tomorrow? logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we said in another article, published in the morning, what started today was to be the week of Apple Expo in Paris but also the week of the launch of MacOs X 10.1. Once the French event has been canceled, the release of the update remains in the pipeline. Most sites believe that the fateful date will be tomorrow and that the stage for the debut will be that of the Seybold in San Francisco. The announcement should be made by the world marketing manager, Phill Schiller, but not excluding that Steve Jobs, who initially had to speak via satellite from Paris, freed from the Expo's commitments, could intervene in person. The main news of the update Macity has already presented them a few weeks ago in a detailed article. We refer our readers to subsequent services that will deal in detail with the functionality, novelty and performance of the new Macity Sources. to the 10.x versions the system requests for the update. You will need to have a G3 or a G4 available, even laptops (excluding the original PB G3, the one that still had the small rainbow apple on the lid), or an iMac. Identical also the minimum memory, 128 MB, and the required disk space (1.5 GB). To use the "Classic" working environment, as a minimum, the presence of the operating system 9.1 is required, even if the use of the use of MacOs 9.1.2. The limitations of the previous version remain, in particular the obligation to install on the original G3 (the beige ones) and the iMacs with CD drawer (non slot loading) in a partition that is entirely included in the first 8 GB. IF you have a disk larger than 8 GB not partitioned or if the partition larger than 8 GB you have to make a partition smaller than 8 GB.Finally, Apple, if you encounter difficulties during the update, recommends reinstalling MacOs X from scratch from the original disk and to update this installation to MacOs X 10.1.

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