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An iPod with an Alfa Romeo around

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Among the strengths of the Alfa Romeo 147 presented in recent days in Geneva by the Fiat group, one surely pleases our music lovers or iPodmaniaci: the car designed to accommodate an iPod with a dock connector (iPod mini or β€œregular”) in the center console "Or Photo of the third or fourth generation) and to control it easily both from the steering wheel and from the buttons present in the audio control area.

The solution involves the insertion of the Apple reader inside a closable drawer with a "winged" door that allows both to hide the appliance from the sight of thieves and to protect it from exposure to the high temperatures of the passenger compartment, both , as Alfa points out, to protect the car's occupants in the event that a violent collision turns the iPod into an object projected at high speed towards the passengers.

Once inserted inside the drawer, the iPod will be controlled using the buttons on the steering wheel or those on the dashboard in the central area to advance songs and select your favorite playlists.

You can find a flash animation of the operation on a presentation of the Alfa Romeo 147 from which we took the frames of this page.

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