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An iPhone only iPod without At & T? There are those who say it can

An iPhone only iPod without At & T? C 'who says you can logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to the TUAW website, the need for a contract with At & T could be bypassed. On the pages of the site, in fact, the procedure is explained – which according to others also involves bypassing the need for a social security number – in order to be able to "start" the handheld-iPod part of the device.

In this way, other American ?geeks? also support, for example it is possible to change the type of At & T card or to work without canceling the contract with At & T within three days (full refund) or within 30 days (without penalties). The WiFi radio block guarantees the possibility of using the navigation and e-mail functions in the presence of an access point, while synchronization with the computer – Mac or PC – would seem to work without problems.

As usual, such a procedure opens up a very wide range of problems. It is not just a matter of violating the usual guarantees with the manufacturer of the appliance, but also of directly infringing the sales license – which explicitly provides for the use of the appliance in conjunction with the contract with At & T – exposing in this way in all probability to civil liability responsibilities. In addition, the thing that perhaps most fascinates even our geeks, not at all said that it works. If in fact it also manages to operate the iPhone in "no phone" mode, just a simple update of the operating system by Apple – perhaps one with which they are added nice functionality for the user – to disable the "stoned" phones .

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