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An iPad battery replacement program

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$ 99. Here is the "flat" cost set by Apple for a new battery for iPad. To provide information on the repair service for the tablet whose reservations began last Friday, Apple itself with an ad hoc page put online on the weekend.

According to what is learned from the series of questions and answers, repair at an "agreed" price may be required when the iPad shows a reduced ability to maintain the charge. Under these conditions, as long as the device has not been tampered with or damaged, for example, by a spill of liquid, Apple will carry out the repair with a cost, in fact, of 99 dollars (plus local taxes) to which is added a cost 6.95% for shipping.

Note that the procedure involves not replacing the battery, but that of the iPad. In practice, Apple withdraws the old iPad and replaces it with a different one, probably the result of the reconditioning process. Not a new device, therefore, but a used device, although cleaned and verified in its functioning.

At the moment the program is not yet described on the Italian store, since iPad not yet on sale in our country, but highly likely that it will also be proposed by us following the same program already active for the iPhone. The cost of repairing the iPhone battery in Italy of 79 euros plus 12 euros for shipping. There is also a similar program for MacBook and MacBook Air.