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An analyst: "Microsoft has to get out of the phone business."

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An analyst: "Microsoft has to get out of the phone business." – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Microsoft should reduce losses and abandon Windows Mobile and the Zune": as advised by Mark Anderson analyst and founder of Strategic News Service, a newsletter that deals with computing and communication. Anderson claims that – excluding the Xbox 360 – the consumer electronics product business in which Microsoft largely involved a flop and the Redmond house cannot understand this world and how it works. Apple, Google and most Asian companies have better understood the market and will likely continue to dominate this sector for a long time to come.

"Cell phones are consumer objects, a feature that doesn't match Microsoft's DNA," Anderson explained to the New York Times. "Take a walk through the corridors in Microsoft and you will see that it is not a place for consumers."

It is unlikely that Microsoft will ever leave this sector: if it ever does, the effect of its inability to compete in the consumer electronics market would affect its core business: the Windows operating system.

Microsoft could however be pushed by users themselves to change course: the large amount of applications available for iPhone and Android could push consumers to choose devices in which it is possible to start software that is found only in other systems. For its part, the company has acknowledged the need for drastic measures and has recently addressed the problem of "slackness" in the interfaces of many of its portable devices.

After the Zune HD, in the plans of Microsoft for the second half of 2010 there is the launch of Windows Mobile 7 with multitouch interface and the inclusion of some multimedia components of the Zune HD. (By Mauro Notarianni)

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