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An analyst: Apple's quarter better than expected

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Apple, after being one of the first companies in the world to suffer from the undesirable effects of an increase in the prices of some components, could also be the first to benefit from a turnaround. The investment firm UBS Warburg said so, in a report to his clients, analyst Don Young revised upwards the profits for the Cupertino quarter, citing the fall in some parts that had led to the difficult decision to raise the list of 'iMac.

In particular, according to UBS Warburg, Apple could enjoy the drop in DRAM memory and other unspecified components that would increase gross margins significantly, around 0.5%. This compared to a large quantity of orders for the iMacs collected just as the prices were higher, would mean a significant return for the balance of the current 90 days.

In addition to this, Young has found a robust demand for other products, such as iPods whose sales could exceed the expected 52,000 units.

Apple – Young says – must no longer be seen as a reality that fights to conquer market share, but as a manufacturer that turns to an exclusive audience to capture a demand for sophisticated products

According to UBS Warburg, Apple could report at the end of June, when the current quarter ends, profits of 14 cents per share instead of 12 cents per share as expected. At the end of the year, profits could be 56 cents instead of 54.