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An analyst: "Apple will switch to Intel within four years"

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Apple could switch to Intel within two to four years. The prediction of Andrew Neff, one of the most respected analysts among those who deal with the PC world.

Neff addresses the burning issue of the future of Apple's processors in the context of a fifty-page report, a sort of "state of the union" of the computer universe aimed at taking stock of what, in the opinion of the Bear Stearns analyst himself , will happen over the next few years.

According to Neff, the future arrider to companies that will first grasp the intrinsic need for concrete changes. For Apple, one of these necessary changes, almost inevitable in the analyst's opinion, is the transition to the Intel world.

According to Neff Cupertino he would obtain from this choice the speed in the field of processors that he cannot have today from Motorola and IBM gaining an increase in the user base.

According to Neff, the chances of this transition taking place are very high, over 80%, and relatively short times, from two to four years.

Neff's opinion, which in the context of the same report also predicts the possibility of an alliance between Sun and Dell and fears a possible battle between Dell itself, on the one hand, and Intel and Microsoft, on the other, particularly significant. It is in fact an analyst with great perspective vision skills. Suffice it to recall that he predicted the merger between HP and Compaq when the managers of the two companies said that the merger of two companies of that size was unthinkable.

At the same time, Neff's report is published in a context in which Apple's move to Intel has returned to current status due to some of Jobs's statements. Surprisingly, the CEO, urged by some analysts on the topic, has not radically denied this prospect by leaving an open door. β€œFirst we have to complete the transition to Mac OS X – he said – then we will have the opportunity to choose. At Apple we love having the opportunity to choose ”