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Amiga is reborn with a PPC heart

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Amiga a platform that, despite the countless past hardships (failures, various change of ownership, withdrawn declarations and promises never kept etcetera etc.), and despite actually interrupting the development for years, maintains a base of enthusiastic and loyal users (remember that Amiga was together with the Mac one of the truly revolutionary computers for its time) awaiting confidently on the day of rebirth.

Perhaps also by basing the hopes on this base of loyal users, periodically, information emerges on the net according to which someone, somewhere in the world, announces its rebirth.

One of these announcements arrived a few days ago. To launch it, Eyetech which for accompanying the news with a very concrete step was the distribution to the developers of the first AmigaOneG3-SE cards, identical in all respects, except the boot ROM, to those that will be destined for users.

If the original Amiga was based on Motorola's 68x processors, the same as the Mac, the new Amiga chose PPC, just like the current Mac, and the card will be based on a 600Mhz G3 G3, with 10/100 ethernet, USB , PCI / AGP interface and SDRAM slot up to 2GB.

Users will only be able to get their hands on the new machine when version 4 of the Amiga OS (OS4) is available.

It could be interesting news up to a certain point for Mac users, if in the official statement of Eyetech at some point it was not said that AmigaOneG3 an entry level machine, and that for AmigaOne-XE, the top of the range, it will be used a socket-processor that will facilitate upgrades, borrowed from the one Apple uses, so you can mount G3, G4, dual G4 and G5 processors.

It goes on to say that currently the G4 CPUs are very expensive because they are scarce, given that Apple absorbs practically all its production, but that things should change when the G5 will begin to appear, on which Apple would throw himself.

There are no dates in the release, but the tone does not seem to position the G5 event, which until now had always been only whispered, not too far in time. (By Marco Centofanti)