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America has already made two laps, Italy is still at stake.

On the AirPort issue, there is still no light at the end of a tunnel that began a year ago and from which, yet, Italy, with its far-sighted ministries, did not leave.

Absurd taxes were threatened in order to be able to use devices like AirPort in Italy and we almost had a reason, instead we still expect the "launch" of the IEEE 802.11 on the Italian territory, when?

Meanwhile in the United States (and not only … in practice only Italy is missing), the day after the announcement of AirPort all the shops were full and all free citizens could make use of it, so that, the most intrepid, with the replacement of standard antennas, they have managed to reach incredible distances and are not trapped in any penitentiary.

Now in the USA the already large meshes on the wireless networking topic are widening further: it will be even easier to have fast data transfers.

The American FCC, the body that regulates communications (comparable to our Ministry of Communications … of course, less swampy) in the US, has just given to a company like Proxim (but implicitly to all other operators in the sector, including there is certainly Apple with its AirPort) general authorizations to create high-bandwidth wireless connections for individuals and companies in complete safety from interference.

Will it ever happen in the Bel Paese?