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AMD: in portable 1 GHz processor

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AMD: in 1 GHz processor laptops logomacitynet1200wide 1

850 to 1 GHz speed, 200 MHz front bus, 256KB integrated cache, 18 micron circuitry. These are the essential characteristics of the new Athlon processor revealed yesterday by AMD. The chip, codenamed Palomino, intended essentially for laptops and for this reason presents a series of technological innovations designed to reduce its consumption and heat production. According to AMD Palomino consumes only 26 watts against the 60 watts of the desktop version. In addition to this, a power reduction system has been implemented according to the requests of the applications. For example, a 1 GHz chip scales its frequency up to 500 MHz and reduces the voltage from 1.4 to 1.2 Volt if they are not running programs that require particular performance. AMD with the release of Palomino achieves two important objectives. Firstly, it beats Intel in the presentation of a high-performance laptop chip. The world's largest processor maker won't be able to present anything like this until the first half of next year. Secondly, it manages to increase the real performance of its chips by about 15% compared to previous generation processors.AMD has known that subsequently Paolomino will also appear in more powerful versions intended for desktops. To benefit will be primarily biprocessor machines and workstations.The first computer to adopt Palomino, which will be marketed as Athlon 4 (a name clearly chosen to contrast Intel with its Pentium 4), will be for a Compaq laptop

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