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AMD, delays for Hammer

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Delays in the AMD range.

The Sunnyvale company announced yesterday that it will not be able to deliver two products of particular importance in its timetable within the scheduled time: the desktop version of Hammer, codenamed Clawhammer, and Barton, an update of the already known Athlon line .

Clawhammer was not scheduled at the end of 2002 and could only be launched in early 2003 with a delay of three / four months on the forecasts.

In turn, Barton, which will distinguish itself from the current Athlon for a second level cache of 512 Kb and a 333 MHz bus processor, will be marketed only at the beginning of next year instead of at the end of the current one.

Potentially worried, according to analysts, would be the delay of Clawhammer, the implementation for dekstop machines of the revolutionary Hammer, a processor compatible with both 32 and 64 bit code and founded a series of innovations such as Silicon on Insulator technology.

AMD initially thought it could launch a 2 and 2.5 GHz version of Clawhammer but with power equal to that of a 3.4 GHz Pentium since December, leaving behind Intel and the Megahertz orgy unleashed by the competitor.

But now, with a commercial launch expected no earlier than early 2003, AMD could be in greater difficulty as Intel plans to launch a 3 GHz model of its Pentiums in the fall that could easily become 3.4 and perhaps beyond the next spring.