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Ambrosia Software program for the PC?

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We confess the thrill of cold terror that passed us by the back, reading the news concerning the commitment of Ambrosia Software in the porting of its games for the PC.After the disappearance of Bungie, detected in bulk by Microsoft to launch its X- Box, we feared another defection in the gaming programming sector for Mac.

That is, the software house, which has always been active in the production of shareware for the Mac OS, characterized by the high quality of its products (including: EV Nova, Bubble Trouble, Avara, Escape Velocity, Ferazel's Wand), had considered the abandonment of the Macintosh platform, to offer itself to the wider audience of windows users.

A more careful reading of the press releases, in this regard, has dissolved the question, with the clarification that Ambrosia itself is not dealing personally with the programming, but has transferred the conversion license to other developers. In particular, Demos Rising will be translated from Trihedron LLC, while the acclaimed Escape Velocity: EV Nova sequel will deal with Contraband Entertainment.

The news has the curious in itself, thinking that the opposite usually happens, that is, PC games are ferried to the Mac only later.