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Ambi Climate, for the perfect climate now the voice is enough

Ambi Climate, per il clima perfetto ora basta la voce

Ambi Climate is a smart device designed for the connected home and today its philosophy of maximum fatigue results is further simplified: the voice. From this moment, in fact, it integrates the voice functions with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistants, thus allowing to manage the temperature even more easily and automatically, limiting the active intervention by the user as much as possible.

Add the device to the list of devices that can be managed by the two platforms immediately: with Alexa just connect the specific skill developed by Ambi Climate, with Google Home we proceed with normal management through the system app. In this way the user can control the air conditioners and heat pumps through a series of voice commands, rapid and completely natural.

Ambi Climate, for the perfect climate now the voice is enough

In fact, just say Alexa, of a Ambi Climate that is hot, or Hey Google, of a Ambi Climate that freezes and automatically the temperature will be changed to offer the desired comfort. Obviously with the voice commands you can also turn the split on and off, check the temperature in each room, check the connected devices and much more.

The function is currently only available in English, but the implementation in Italian is already in the company's plans. We currently remember Ambi Climate, available for purchase on Amazon at a price of 149 euros. If you want to know more, see how it works and what it can do, take a look at our review by clicking here.