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Ambi Climate brings Artificial Intelligence into 1,200 air conditioners of 50 brands

ambi climate, intelligenza artificiale per aria condizionata e climatizzatori

Several factors can influence our well-being such as temperature, humidity, sunlight or our metabolism: Ambi Climate a new additional air conditioning device that revolutionizes the use of air conditioning. Equipped with three sensors, it detects the data concerning these factors inside the house and then combines them with the information relating to the time of the day and the weather conditions.

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Ambi Climate collects all the data to build the best system to achieve a level of environmental comfort customized according to the needs and the level of well-being perceived by the user. Compatible with over 50 brands and 1,200 models of air conditioners with remote control, the device supports Amazon Alexa natively, has IFTTT integration and is managed through a dedicated application for iOS and Android that communicates and monitors the air conditioning system directly, always and everywhere, learning user feedback and habits.

ambi climate, artificial intelligence for air conditioning and air conditioners

Through the Comfort Mode, just communicate to the app if you are hot or cold or in a comfortable situation, in this way the Artificial Intelligence engine will learn the impact on the user of the different factors and, as these vary, will automatically adjust the air conditioning, creating over time a real Profile of Personal Comfort. Thanks to intelligent automatic control it is estimated that Ambi Climate is able to offer an average energy saving of 30%.

The air conditioner can also be managed in Out of Home mode to minimize parameters even in the event of long absences from one's home. It is on sale on the official website for 149 euros: Multiuser Geolocation will soon be available, an intelligent geolocation function that allows you to turn on the air conditioning automatically once you enter the house and turn it off when the last person in the family leaves.