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Ambi Bridge for Ambiclimate 2, with Homekit you can control the air conditioner from Mac

Ambi Climate 2, su Amazon disponibile la periferica che trasforma il vecchio condizionatore

Among the pages of Maciynet we also offered you, a while back, the review of Ambi Climate, the smart device designed for the connected home and which allows you to manage the home air conditioner from a smartphone, but also via voice commands. The unofficial application called Ambi Bridge, which allows you to manage air conditioning also from Mac, arrives on the Mac App Store.

Easy-to-use Ambi Bridge, as the developer explains, uses HomeKit and does not require any particular setup. Once the app is started on Mac, it will automatically detect the Ambi Climate device, allowing you to control the air conditioner from your Mac. HomeKit supports between different control modes: Cold, Hot and Automatic, so that you can activate the air conditioner whatever the temperature required in the house.

Ambi Climate, for the perfect climate now the voice is enough

The developer points out that Ambi Bridge is not developed by the team responsible for Ambi Climate, and therefore it is an unofficial application. Nonetheless, the umpteenth support that the device receives, after the one officially introduced for voice control with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Ambi Bridge detects all Ambi Climate devices set by the user the first time they are turned on, when you log into your Ambi Climate account. As already mentioned, it supports the Heat and Auto modes, which by default correspond respectively to the Away, Temperature and Comfort air conditioning modes of Ambi Climate, but which can be changed in the preferences.

We currently remember Ambi Climate, available for lacquering on Amazon at a price of 149 euros. If you want to know more, see how it works and what it can do, take a look at our review by clicking here

Ambi Bridge can be purchased on the Mac App Store at this address at a price of 6.99 euros.