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Amazon wants to make a 50-dollar tablet

Amazon wants to make a 50-dollar tablet

After the flop of the Fire Phone, Bezos is focusing on a hyper-cheap tablet, coming for Christmas

Kindle Fire Hd

The Wall Street Journal announced: Amazon will launch a super-cheap tablet for the Christmas holidays: it will only cost $ 50. At half the price of the 6-inch Fire HD, it would be one of the cheapest tablets around, to capture the party audience and affiliate it through services.

Not a joke, but the attempt by Jeff Bezos to remain anchored to an increasingly difficult sector, after the failure of the Fire Phone and the renunciation of the production of smartphones branded Amazon. Inevitably, we are faced with an entry level object. Despite the specifications are still secret, some rumors have spilled that the tablet will have low resolution display and mono audio system and that the compromise to keep a price so low will probably force users to not get rid of the advertisements.

Also according to the rumors reported by the American newspaper, Amazon would also have others in the drawer two tablets (8 and 10 inches) and a high-end computer for the kitchen (none in Kabinet code).


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