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Amazon returns to normal with the reopening for non-essential products

Il Cyber Monday 2019 la singola giornata di shopping più redditizia della storia di Amazon

Amazon will soon release its blockages due to the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing third-party vendors on its platform to ship non-essential and "non-essential" items. This was announced by a source in the Wall Street Journal informed of the facts.

Last month Amazon decided to prioritize so-called essential items such as cleaning products, sanitary items and food, to meet customer demand, by stopping third-party vendor shipments for items that did not match the virus-forced purchasing needs.

This blockage proved to be a problem not only for sellers, deprived of the revenues coming from the Amazon channel, but also for the platform itself, on which third-party sellers represent 58% of the total sales of e-commerce.

Amazon extends the return of purchases to May 31 next"Within this week, we will allow more products to be sold through our logistics centers," an Amazon spokeswoman said. "Products will be limited in quantity to allow us to continue to prioritize product shipments and protect employees, while ensuring that most sales partners can ship goods to our facilities."

In recent weeks, due to the total or partial quarantine announced globally, the technology giant has been inundated with orders, as a result its network of warehouses has struggled to keep up with the demand and shipping times for Prime program orders, which usually guarantees the delivery of the items in a day or less, have even extended up to a month in some cities.

Amazon recently announced that it would hire an additional 75,000 employees to meet this demand. In the past month, Amazon has hired more than 100,000 people – full-time and part-time workers – to distribution centers and through its logistics network in the United States. In contrast to the many companies that are laying off their staff, Amazon became one of the largest employers during the pandemic.

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