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Amazon Prime Air: everything you know about the drone delivery schedule

Amazon Prime Air Drone flight

Amazon Prime Air is the new experimental drone delivery service. Promises deliveries in 30 minutes, or even less. A great investment for Amazon that is already testing it.

Thousands of items on Amazon are ready and available for delivery via drone.Jeff Bezos shared a video of a successful delivery via drone in the UK last Friday. And it is clear that Amazon also wants to advance this technology by collaborating with Trump and its new regulation of drone fleets. The new video has revealed some particularities that were not yet known about the program, such as, for example, the construction of a robotic center, and information on Amazon Prime Air's first customers.

Amazon Prime Air, features

Here are the rumors: – Amazon is planning to make use of runways to help drones get to an exact location. – Lidea plans to a delivery within 30 minutes, if not less, and let us know that it is easier for customers to know exactly where the drone will arrive. – The drones manage to travel two miles in about 13 minutes, or at least, that was during the first official test. – La fully autonomous fleet and has no human control both during take-off and flight and landing. – A specialized technician will perform the tracking of drones, also thanks to the possibility of access to the onboard camera feeds. So every Amazon drone has at least one room. – The service Prime Air – which delivers via drone – will have distribution centers that will be set up in the vicinity of customers' homes. – In the distribution center the drones are loaded from below thanks to a robotic conveyor belt. – The take-off is also robotic. The drones leave the distribution center on an automated route before taking flight. – Thousands of items for sale on Amazon (from food to electronic items, will be available for delivery via drone). – Amazon has launched a private probationary period with two Cambridge customers last December 7, but plans to expand to dozens more customers in the coming months.

Amazon Prime Air to reduce shipping costs

Since the launch of Prime in two days and Prime Now, Amazon's shipping costs have skyrocketed. According to an official report from the company, dating back to last September, costs rose by 43% compared to the same period of the previous year. Amazon has spent about $ 3.9 billion on shipments only during the last financial quarter. The retail giant is not focusing exclusively on drones to be included in the supply chain. Amazon has made it known of a new aeronautical program and has purchased a fleet of articulated lorries for deliveries. But not everything, this year Amazon has patented a drone that is so small that it can stand on a person's shoulder, but also aerial charging stations for drones.

Amazon Prime Air Drone flight