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Amazon Music Unlimited Free for 3 months

Amazon Music Unlimited Free for 3 months

One of the most appreciated offers by music lovers is back, that of Amazon Music Unlimited free for 3 months. To join the offer, all you have to do is click at this address.

Amazon Music Unlimited certainly needs no introduction, but for the few who don't know, it is a music streaming platform like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music. Once registered you will have access to a colossal catalog with practically all the music in the world that you can listen to without limits and even offline, for a total of over 50 million songs, hundreds of playlists and personalized radios.

Prime Music available in Italy, 40 hours of music per month included with Amazon Prime

One of the strengths of the service is the fact that it can be controlled through Alexa voice commands on iOS and Android, and to work on the smart speakers of the Amazon Echo line. To find out more on Amazon Unlimited, we refer you to the review with our road test.

The offer has conditions. It is valid until 23:59 on 04/30/2020 and reserved for customers who have never signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited and who have never benefited from the free 30-day use period. The offer is valid for customers who during the promotional offer period register for the first time with Amazon Music Unlimited with an individual subscription.

After the Promotional Offer Period, the subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited will automatically continue at the cost of 9.99 euros per month, but of course it will be possible to cancel before the 90 days, so as not to incur any costs.

To access the promotion page click here.