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Amazon launches In-Skill purchases in Italy

Amazon launches In-Skill purchases in Italy

Amazon launches In-Skill purchases in Italy –

Put Alexa at home with Echo devices at a discount starting from just € 19.99

Starting today, In-Skill purchases are available in Italy, a function that allows users of Amazon Echo smart speakers to make purchases of new experiences and functions within Alexa Skills. At the same time, In-Skill purchases offer developers a way to earn thanks to their Skills published on the Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

In-Skill purchases give Skill developers the opportunity to make a profit by selling premium digital content as new features, or real exclusive content in order to expand and diversify the experience offered by the Skills they have created.

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Alexa Skills will continue to provide customers with a free experience; from today, however, developers will be able to make single or consumable purchases available, to unlock access to additional Skill features or extend the gaming experience, or subscriptions, which offer access to premium experiences for a certain period of time. Customers can purchase new experiences and content simply by interacting with the Skill. Developers can offer three different categories of In-Skill products:

  • Single purchases: unlock access to features or content within a Skill. Single purchases do not have an expiration date. Among the Skills that offer this option c Mentalshock, published by the Italian studio Monade, an interactive chapter-based story in which players must explore a futuristic world full of dangers and intrigues.
  • Consumables: content or features that can be purchased, sold out and purchased again, such as game tips and currency or extra lives. Treccani Quiz, for example, an original quiz on Italian grammar and etymology, which allows you to play three games a day for free. Customers can purchase five more games to prolong the fun.
  • Subscriptions: offer access to premium content or functionality for a defined period of time. The cost is charged to users on a recurring basis until the subscription is canceled. For example, Find Phone a practical Skill that calls your phone when you cannot find it at home and offers unlimited use for an annual cost. For more information, see the post (in English) on the blog dedicated to Alexa developers.

All Echo devices with Alexa voice assistant are available from this Amazon page. In the macitynet pages you can find numerous articles and reviews of the Amazon Echo smart speakers with Alexa, including the review of the new third generation Amazon Echo model and the new and powerful Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos audio.

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