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Amazon Fire, the test of the 60 euro tablet

Amazon Fire, the test of the 60 euro tablet

The Amazon tablet returns at a price that drops the jaw, but does not leave a sense of dissatisfaction on him

Price: from 59 euros | Vote: 7,5 More information: Amazon

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With a price tag of 59 euros it is not difficult to understand what Amazon's plans were in designing the latest Fire. The basic tablet by Jeff Bezos has always focused on a formula of low price quality, but with the version of this company, he wanted to bring a devastating frontal attack to opponents who have never been so aggressive.

The tablet by Jeff Bezos actually lets its humble origins shine through from the outward appearance: almost banal, far from the reduced thickness and from the graceful look of the competition. Yet somehow it likes it immediately. In hand for behaves like a reliable, solid compact block. The weight is not a little – 313 grams – but you don't feel too much; perhaps because the grip on the rounded body is always effective, even with one hand. The plastic back bears the company logo and all the keys (together with the mini jack and micro USB ports) are positioned on the top side of the tablet so as to be easily accessible in case of watching movies and TV series.

For the screen the discussion is similar to what has already been observed in the field of design. Difficult to fall in love with the 7-inch panel at 1024 × 600 pixel resolution, which does its job. Characters with defined contours and crisp images capable of jumping off the screen remain the prerogative of the most expensive products in the range, but reading a book, as well as enjoying a movie or lingering on the web, on the last Fire is not impossible. The colors are reproduced with care, the viewing angles allow some relaxation and the backlighting ensures that you don't have to struggle with reflections on the screen protection. Things unfortunately go differently outdoors, where Fire is doing no small effort to counteract the sunlight when we meet him at the door, in the spring.

A bodro of Fire is, as always, the latest version of Amazon's operating system, Fire OS, this time based on Android Lollipop. All the software signed by Google has been carefully removed, and the interface covered with the alternatives made at home by Amazon. Overall, the system moves without jerks – light years away from what we have been accustomed to thinking over the years smartphones and tablets made at cost and without scruples. With the quad-core processor accompanied by 1 GB of RAM miracles cannot be done, but enjoying streaming videos, music, the Internet, social networks and the most popular games is never a problem.

All the more so since Fire OS – in this version more than ever – designed to beat all the services and content provided by Jeff Bezos' home straight in the face: books, videos, music and products for sale are literally two touches from the home screen . And to avoid that any children or irresponsible in the family drain the card to which we associate the purchases made with the tablet, Fire provided with very complete administration settings, through which you can request a password for any transaction or to access sensitive or inappropriate content for the little ones. The system as a whole is extremely efficient and confirms the tablet as a machine for the use of contents and not for their creation.

Difficult indeed to take the tablet seriously when it comes to work or productivity that goes beyond email management. In addition to the hardware shortcomings, there are also software gaps in this case they make their weight felt: the apps present in the Amazon Store, are about 400 thousand, a number much closer to the Windows world than to the Android one. It is true that programs written for the Google operating system remain compatible and installable from external sources, but those who are used to finding the latest news ready (or not able to move otherwise) are better off looking elsewhere.

This last Fire a good tablet, not really all-round, but unexceptionable for the amount of money he asks for in return. It becomes very good because of this quality-price ratio, but only if those who buy it know what you're bringing home, or a tablet designed to tie the buyer to the world of the online shopping giant. Anyone who does not want to make this jump must surrender to the evidence: a decent and complete tablet for less than 100 euros still a utopia. Honor to Amazon for having created a miniature one.

WiredExpandable memory via microSD cards; the App Store compensates for the lack of content with frequent discounts and gifts.

TiredQuality of the questionable external speaker: better to use the earphones; many of the famous Amazon services in the US are not available from us.


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