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Also a family plan for iPhone

Apple and At & T, after officially providing information on the iPhone data plans today, have also published the additional options available to further expand the basic offer.

Among these, we point out the Family Plan which at $ 80 a month provides 700 minutes of calls shared between various iPhones belonging to members of the same family. With $ 100 a month you have 1400 minutes, $ 120 2100 minutes and $ 130 3000 minutes. There is also a $ 210 plan for 4000 minutes and a $ 310 plan for 6000 minutes. Also included in the price are 200 text messages, unlimited data traffic and unlimited minutes for calls on weekends and in the evening and at night.

It is also possible to extend the individual minutes to 2000 (119.99), 4000 (169.99) or 6000 (219.99)

At the same time, current At & T customers can purchase an iPhone and activate its functions by subscribing to a two-year plan for an extra 20, 30 or 40 depending on the plan they choose. You also have to pay the $ 36 activation fee expected for new iPhone customers. Who will pay $ 30 will also have 1500 Sms (instead of the standard 200), who will pay 40 will have an unlimited number of Sms.

All customers (already At & T and not At & T who switch to iPhone) can buy more SMS: with $ 10 the limit is raised to 1500, with $ 20 you will have an unlimited number of text messages.

Meanwhile, on some Internet sites, some enthusiasts begin to reckon by discovering that the desire for the iPhone will cost them $ 2000 in two years, $ 2.7 a day, without prejudice to the purchase of the 599 model or minutes of extra calls that would increase further the price. A not insignificant figure and not really within the reach of all budgets.