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Almost ready iMovie 3?

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Almost ready iMovie 3? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to some sites dedicated to rumors, Apple is working to bring the final details to a new version of iMovie.

The update, which will probably bring the numbering 3.0, will be for Mac OS X only and will be characterized by taking substantial advantage of AltiVec, the optimization technology at the base for the G4 processor. Optimization for the Velocity Engine is made possible by the now widespread diffusion of the Motorola G4, present on practically all Apple models; to date, only iBooks and old iMac CRTs are equipped with G3.

Among other novelties it is not excluded that there may also be support for the multiprocessor.

The 2 GB limit per clip (legacy of the old HFS system no longer supported by Mac OS X) may be removed from iMovie 3.

The release of iMovie 3 could take place in a few weeks, even if more conservative hypotheses state that its presentation will not be a concrete fact that in three months

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