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All the news presented at the October 2019 Google event

Google Pixel 4

Official Pixel 4, presented in New York along with the powerful new Pixelbook Go chromebook and the new Nest Mini intelligent speaker, in addition to Google Stadia, the video games Netflix

The anticipated Google event of October 2019 was held in New York in which the highlight was the announcement of the Google Pixel 4 phones. Made by Google ’19 has unveiled numerous Big G products for which technical specifications and outputs have been rumored. A rather modest event and let's say without frills that everything was already known. The company has announced a lot of products, including precisely Pixel 4 is Pixel 4 XL, the new earphones Pixel Buds, the Netflix of games Google Stadia, the new router Nest Wifi, the smart speaker Nest Mini and the new flagship chromebook Pixelbook Go. Let's see them in detail with release date and prices.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were unveiled at the October 2019 Google event. The rumors preceding the Big G keynote were rather relentless. So all confirmed. The device now has facial release, another addition that brings the pixel range in line with the competition.

As with its predecessors, Pixel 4 is available in both standard and XL versions, respectively 5.7 (full HD +) and 6.3 inches (Quad HD +). Both have a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz for extremely smooth scrolling and reactivity, but the refresh rate automatically adapts to normal 60Hz in some circumstances to optimize battery life.

Apart from the screen size and battery capacity, the two new Pixels offer identical hardware specifications. They are powered by the processor Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855, and come with 64 GB or 128 GB memory cuts with 6 GB of RAM.

For the first time at Pixel, there is a dual rear camera from12 MegaPixelsDual-Pixel with OIS and f / 1.7 aperture and 1.4micron pixels, flanked bya 16 MP Telefotowith f / 2.4 aperture, 1 micron pixels and OIS. Both are positioned inside a square module in slight relief with respect to the glass back of the smartphone.

Google Pixel 4 ready for pre-order, starting from $ 799. Begin marketing on October 24 in Just Black, Clearly White and in the new / limited edition Oh So Orange. The Pixel 4 XL starts from $ 899.

Pixel Buds from Google

Pixel Buds air pods from Google

Google presented the new version of its Pixel Buds wireless.The small and light earphones seem to fit perfectly to the ear, a discreet design that maximizes sound quality but still allows for some environmental noise. A new feature "adaptive sound”Also dynamically adjusts the volume based on the surrounding noise.

They are also designed to work over long distances.Outside, using Bluetooth, Google states that the earphones can connect with the smartphone to about 90 meters away.

This would allow you to do things like work out in the gym with the Pixel Buds connected with your smartphone in the locker. Connected to the new charging case, up to 24 hours of listening would be possible.

To get your hands on the new Pixels Buds, you need to wait for the spring of 2020 with a retail price of 179 dollars.

Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi

The next generation of Google's Wi-Fi solution is called Nest WiFi. A new way to distribute the internet at home and successor to Google WiFi. It stands out for its rounded cylindrical design. Furthermore, numerous color options are available and it becomes Google Assistant in the same way as Google Home.

The system composed of a Nest Wifi router that connects to the modem e separate Nest Wifi points which extend the router's signal range in wireless mode act as intelligent speaker with Assistant. They will start with the voice as happens with Google Home.

In fact, in addition to spreading a fast Internet signal throughout the home, Nest Wifi promises to spread Google Assistant's voice-activated intelligence throughout the house.

The new Nest Wifi will be fullycompatiblewith the old Google Wifi, which means you can use the satellites of one or the other to expand your home network.

A two-piece configuration, with the Nest Wifi Router and a Nest Wifi Point, will cost $ 269.A three-piece configuration, with the Nest Wifi Router and two-point Nest Wifi, it will cost $ 349 and promises to cover homes up to over 1150 square meters. Available from November 4.

Google Nest Mini at the October 2019 google event

Google Nest Mini

The latest intelligent Nest speaker from Google Nest is called Nest Mini. It looks like a Google Home Mini, although there are small differences. Now you notice a hole on the lower side so you can mount it on the wall and there is a sensor to turn on the lights when you move a hand towards the device. It will cost $ 49.99, the same price as Home Mini.Sar available starting October 22nd.

Pixelbook Go at the October 2019 Google event

Pixelbook Go 2019

Another strong expectation for the October 2019 Google event was that for the new chromebook do Google.Pixelbook Go 13.3-inch can be driven by an Intel Core m3 processor or an Intel Core i7 processor, if you have more portfolio availability. You can also get to 256 GB of memory and 16 GB of RAM. The most expensive model will also come with a 4K display. available for pre-order now with a starting price of $ 649.

Google Stadia, the Netflix of video games

Google Stadia

Google also announced Stadia, its cloud gaming platform, which will be launched on November 19th.Sar reproducible on TV via Chromecast, Google's Pixelbook range and Pixel phones. At this link you will find all the specifications on the games present and the purchase costs.