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All Pompeii also in video on iPhone and touch

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The Fimcards guides for iPhone and touch are back with a new app entirely dedicated to Pompeii: one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world now completely available in the palm of your hand thanks to iPhone and touch and a guide that weighs over 500MB. The program integrates an impressive amount of data and multimedia information, in practice the material corresponding to 6 different guides.

For those who visit the site, the app offers a complete audio guide lasting about 90 minutes that accompanies all the most famous places. In the app we find a film about the city divided into 40 parts, each dedicated to a place, with a total duration of 75 minutes. For the virtual visit and insights we have a gallery with over 500 original photographs.

For the lucky ones who visit Pompeii, the Filmcard guide uses the iPhone GPS receiver: all the locations and our position are shown on the map, allowing us to reach the desired places faster in the immense excavations of Pompeii. The material not yet finished included: we have a collection of 40 monuments with a description sheet, including a photo of how they are now and a 3D reconstruction of the original appearance. To enrich our knowledge and the visit to the excavations we then have 14 insights on the Roman world regarding houses, monuments, spas and entertainment, religion, pictorial styles and also a section dedicated to erotic Pompeii.

All complemented by a series of useful information on how to reach and visit the excavations, useful numbers and addresses for tourists, plus a complete list of hotels and restaurants in the city. Recall that the guides dedicated to Capri, Orvieto and Todi have already been published in the same Filmcards series.

The Filmcards guide dedicated to Pompeii offered on offer launch at 79 cents on the App Store, only for a few days.