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All fit with Pedometer, iPhone and iPod touch

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iPhone also helps you stay fit. To keep your weight under control, create a roadmap that helps us evaluate whether or not we have made enough movement, you can use Apple's mobile phone (or even iPod touch) in combination with Il Pedometro, an application that, like says the name, capable of measuring our paths both when we walk and when we run.

The Pedometer has functions such as an integrated stopwatch, counts laps, distance, calories, and speed. Supports music playback, so you can accompany the exercise.

The Pedometer also has an adjustable sensitivity and allows settings for walking and jogging, determining whether the iPhone is placed in a pocket, belt, arm, or is held in the hand; an integrated calibration system is also available. The application also maintains a history and daily and session totals and provides automatic screen dimming to save battery life, while continuing to count your steps. Finally, it integrates with GPS for more accurate distance calculations.

The Pedometer, as mentioned, can be used for leisure, but if you keep the phone in your pocket it becomes interesting and useful also to measure the number of steps we take during our work, in the office, in a shop, in a supermarket or on the street. Often one does not realize how far one travels in a day and it can be curious to know; it can also be useful to understand if during a day we have made enough movement, remedying the sedentaryness typical of those who spend most of the day sitting in an office.

The Pedometer, which entirely in Italian and supports decimal metric measures, costs 79 cents.