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Algorithmia: the marketplace for Artificial Intelligence algorithms

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Algorithmia offers working algorithms designed to be ready for use to be included in new services. Anyone can add an algorithm

Diego Oppenheimer, founder and CEO of Algorithmia – expressed his concern about the fact that Google and Facebook can dominate the world of artificial intelligence. Perhaps it is a legitimate thought, demonstrated by the fact that even Elon Musk of Tesla and Sam Altman of Y Combinator share the same feelings. But these worries have not put a brake on the enterprising spirit of the three who have combined their resources with those of other sponsors to create the startup OpenAI. Over the past few years, Google and Facebook have grabbed a growing number of researchers from very high level, thus creating a real deep learning movement (in-depth learning), something so revolutionary that, day after day, frantically evolves everything from voice recognition to security. Musk and Altman did not remain idle and managed to convince several researchers, already engaged with Google and Facebook, to open their skills to the whole world, in a sort of solemn commitment to be addressed to the first non-profit in the field of artificial intelligence.

Oppenheimer and his startup Algorithmia know by playing their part in the fight against legemony in the AI. Algorithmia what Oppenheimer himself defines an algorithm marketplace code that companies and developers use to improve their websites and applications and qhis marketplace finally includes deep learning algorithms, able to handle tasks such as facial recognition, but also optical character recognition. Unlike OpenAI, which provides a raw AI search, Algorithmia offers working algorithms designed to be ready for use to be included in new services.Probably the future had already been invented, only that still trapped in academic records declares Oppenheimer. The democratization of AI is part of a larger project. Startups like Clarifai, Nara Logics and MetaMind (owned by offer tools for deep learning insertion in any application. Giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are working on a cloud system that works on the same principle.

Algorithmia uses the same marketplace model that startups have applied to many other goods and services ranging from craftsmanship to graphic design, from real estate to expensive old retail.Anyone has the ability to add an algorithm and whoever intends to use it will have to pay to get the code. The author of the algorithm establishes a price for each single API that goes from zero to 1 dollar and then, 70% goes to the author and the remaining 30% remains at Algorithmia. In the case of a completely open source algorithm, Algorithmia only charges the cost for the energy used for the calculation.

Currently, Algorithmia offers more than 2,500 algorithms, sixteen of which are deep learning models, added last July. Freely conceived based on the network model of neurons in the human brain, virtual neurons are able to learn a fair range of tasks, analyzing a huge amount of data. Oppenheimer indicates Colorize application that uses deep learning to automatically color black and white photographs as an emblematic example. Colorize was produced within the Vision Lab at Berkeley University, in California, as part of a graduating student's thesis, who before he was proclaimed found himself with Algorithmia urging him to add the algorithm to his marketplace.Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and investor in Algorithmia, firmly believes in the fact that these algorithms can be used to transform deep learning from dark art to technology available to all.

Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO and founder of AI startup, agrees to a certain extent, as the algorithms only satisfy part of the needs. Other companies are providing much more complex tools to build ever more advanced deep learning systems, including Google. Deep learning requires a huge amount of learning data. And having the algorithm not enough to have actually useful results. Algorithmia will not be used to build the most advanced AI systems, but to ensure that anyone can have a little AI within their application or website.

Algorithmia Logo