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Alexa privacy, it is now possible to cancel all our requests by voice

Privacy di Alexa, ora รจ possibile cancellare tutte le nostre richieste con la voce

In one fell swoop Amazon takes a decisive step forward for Alexa's privacy, not only for Amazon Echo devices but for any device with integrated Alexa. From today, in fact, the new Alexa Privacy portal is available, with settings also available through the Alexa app for iPhone and Android, plus two practical voice commands to cancel the request just made or, in one fell swoop, all the requests made in a day .

The new voice commands are the simplest and most practical novelty to use. Starting today with any device equipped with Alexa integration (therefore not only Amazon's Echoes), the user can simply pronounce Alexa, delete what I have just said to cancel the audio recording of our last command given to the smart speaker.

Alternatively you can also say Alexa, delete everything I said today, in this way all audio recordings of all the commands given during the day are deleted in one fell swoop.

Alexa privacy, now we can cancel all our requests by voice

The voice commands are already available when we write, you need to remember that to use them you must first activate this function. To do this, just click inside the new Alexa Privacy web portal. In the main screen you need to select the first section entitled Review the voice history.

In the first line at the top we find Enable elimination by voice command: with a click on the virtual switch on the screen, a window appears explaining the function. Confirming the operation, we can immediately start using the voice commands indicated above to cancel a recording or all those of the day.

The same operation can also be done from the Alexa apps for iPhone and Android. You need a tap in the menu icon at the top left, then choose settings finally Alexa Privacy.

In addition to activating the new voice commands, both from the web portal and via the app, you can scroll the list of audio recordings of our voice commands, filter the history for today, yesterday, the entire week, monthly or with custom filters. Also from here you can listen to our voice commands again, delete one by one or based on the selected filter.

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