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Alexa arrives in Italy with Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Sub

Alexa arriva in Italia con Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot ed Echo Sub

Amazon's goal is to put an Alexa device in every room of the house in our country and for this, with the arrival of the Italian version of the voice assistant also compatible with iPhone and Android (is programmed from the appropriate App) provided for a 40% discount on all devices Echo introduced in our country but also a flood of services already in our language.

Amazon-branded devices for talking to Alexa

Even if not all the devices available in other countries will not arrive immediately, the Echo range is quite complete and with very aggressive prices. They will be ready for purchase immediately: the speakers Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot arrive in Italy from just 59.99 (full price) in more c Echo Spot equipped with a screen through which Alexa can show the news, weather, images provided by a video camera for the smart home, make video calls with anyone with Echo Spot or the Alexa App (on iOS and Android) Alexa Skills and much more 129.99 (full price).

Alexa arrives in Italy with Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Sub

Amazon has also thought of its own production accessories to enrich the offer and also proposes the new Echo Sub to add intense and deep bass to the sound of compatible Echo devices, only 129.99 to create 1.1 and 2.1 systems.

An intelligent socket could not miss: Amazon Smart Plug allows amazon customers to control compatible lights, fans, coffee machines and more, for only 29.99.

In the next few hours we will publish our preview reviews of some Echo products with the definitive Italian interface managed both by iPhone and Android.

The introductory offer

Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Sub and Amazon Smart Plug they are available in pre-order starting from October 24th from this page. Deliveries will begin on October 30th.

Echo devices are available at a special introductory price, with a 40% discount: Echo Dot coster 35.99 euros, Echo coster 59.99 euros, Echo Plus 89.99 Euro ed Echo Spot incredibly 77.99 euros.

Devices to talk to third party Alexa

In addition to the Echo systems, you can obviously speak with Alexa through your iOS or Android phone through which you will configure (we talk about it in our guide): from here you can also interact in video with Echo Dot and in voice of course but there are other modes and tools of interaction.

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) allows developers to integrate Alexa directly into their products, bringing the convenience of voice control to any connected device. Companies such as Bose, Sonos, Harman Kardon, Jabra, Hama, NETGEAR, Huawei, Sony, Riva, Motorola, TIM, SEAT and others will make Alexa-compatible products available in Italy, allowing customers to access an increasing number of features, integrations. for Smart Home and Skill on your favorite devices.

On Amazon, devices with Integrated Alexa, some of which have already been tested on Macitynet (but without Alexa's capabilities). You can start from this page or consult the list below: these are headphones and audio systems of well-known brands such as Sonos, Bose, Jabra and the connection distribution system in the home of Orbi with a basic router equipped with speaker interaction with Alexa.


Audio systems


On this page we explain how Echo smart speakers work and the Alexa service available in Italian. Details on Amazon's Echo devices are on this page.