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AKiTiO unveiled Node Titan, the eGFX Thunderbolt 3 expansion system

AKiTiO ha presentato un nuovo box eGFX Thunderbolt 3

AKiTiO unveiled a new eGFX Thunderbolt 3 expansion system designed specifically for professionals: "Node Titan"Able to manage professional video cards that have high consumption thanks to a 650W power supply, capable of providing the energy required by cards that often require more energy than all the other components of an entire system.

AKiTiO was one of the first companies to introduce eGFX Thunderbolt 3 chassis in late 2016. Just over three years later, with feedback from users, the company unveiled Node Titan, a sort of Node update across the board. The new Thunderbolt 3 case is more compact but able to accommodate full-length (32cm), full height (17cm) and width (6cm) GPUs, video cards that consume up to 500W and require connection with two 8- power connectors. PCIe pin. In particular, the box in question can house the latest video cards from AMD and NVIDIA and certified for top of the range cards such as the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000.

For correct cooling of the cards inserted in the box, Node Titan plate integrates two fans: one used for the power supply and the other for the video card. At the same time, the case integrates a handle that facilitates transport. As for the dimensions, the measures are: 35.7 13.5 26.6 cm, a little more compact than the previous generation box. The material with which the box is made of stainless steel, not aluminum, an element that makes the accessory not really light.

AKiTiO has unveiled a new eGFX Thunderbolt 3 box

The manufacturer reports toAnandTech,that Node Titan can be purchased directly from its site but also from various partners. Node Titan a "pure" eGFX box, does not integrate a GbE port or USB hub and therefore relatively less expensive than other similar products: 334.75 US dollars the list price.

AKiTiO has unveiled a new eGFX Thunderbolt 3 box

Recall that all expansion systems with a Thunderbolt 3 port and macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 or later can access additional graphics performance connected to an external graphics processors (in Gerco also "eGPU"). An eGPU can increase the graphics performance of the Mac for professional apps, 3D games, VR content creation and more.

Akitio systems are also available in the Italian Amazon store.