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AiT Smart desks are the dream of those who work too many hours on the computer

The battle against traditional fixed-position desks that began a few years ago and was waged by the smartest companies that want to safeguard employee health and productivity, with technology companies in the lead: AiT Smart desks follow this trend with smart desks that are not only capable to adjust in height automatically but also with a series of functions and accessory features never seen before.

For example, the basic model AiT Smart One can be set up to work sitting or standing and also offers a comfort mode, as well as providing integrated wireless charging and a system for managing and ordering cables. But just go up to the upper model to have control via app, with integrated module for health and well-being, with the proposal of exercises and movements that can be performed even while you are working.

AiT Smart desks are the dream of those who work too many hours on the computer

In addition to the features of the cheaper model, this also incorporates a carbon dioxide sensor to detect when the office or studio air is too spoiled and the app recommends opening the windows. There is also a drawer with opening and closing that can be managed remotely via the app, perfect for remedying a forgetfulness even when we are elsewhere.

The top model of the AiT Smart One desks also adds an LED ambient light under the worktop, an integrated Bluetooth speaker system, support for hanging a desktop PC computer under the worktop and even an aroma diffuser. For those who want everything but everything and even a more spacious desk, the AiT Phantom 1 model is also proposed.

The manufacturer has already collected the pre-set amount of money to start the production of these science fiction desks with a campaign on Indiegogo. Those who decide to support the project can book one at a discounted price compared to what will be the official list at launch: the basic model AiT Smart One Basic costs 414 euros instead of 783 euros, the AiT Smart One desk with extended functions costs 727 euros instead of 1,372 euros, instead the top model Phantom 1 available at 1,013 euros instead of almost 2,000 euros: the first deliveries are scheduled between August and September of this year.

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