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AirTag, Apple misses the evidence

AirTag, Apple misses the evidence

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday April 3, 2020

All ready for AirTag, the smart keychain with the apple arriving by the summer. And meanwhile, Apple misses the evidence of its existence.

April 3, 2020 update

A smart keychain that allows you to find objects, people and animals everywhere in the world with unthinkable precision and a network of millions of Sherlock Holmes at constant disposal. The AirTag revolution is about to arrive.

AirTag: Apple's find-all features and characteristics

AirTag: Apple's find-all features and characteristics

Apple is working on an accessory that fuses Find Friends and Find iPhone together. And while there, it will help you find everything else, thanks to AirTag.

AirTag: What

AirTag an intelligent trinket that will exploit Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) to enable us to find things all over the world, thanks to the millions of iPhone users who temporarily bridge between us and the device completely anonymously.

AirTag: Game Production

According to the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, most of the AirTags will be produced by Universal Scientific Industrial, based in Shanghai. The first deliveries of some tens of millions of units will take place in the second or third quarter of the year, which means that we can reasonably expect their availability in stores towards October-December 2020 maybe before. However, this does not mean that we will have to wait long for an official announcement.

Historically, in fact, the apple has often sown several months apart between the presentation with great pomp and the moment of pre-orders; happened a bit with all the first generations:

  • iPhone: Presentation in January 2007 – launch in June 2007
  • iPad: Presentation in January 2010 – launch in April 2010
  • Apple Watch: Presentation in September 2014 – launch in April 2015
  • HomePod: Presentation in June 2017 – launch in February 2018

AirTag: The Apple Trials


In an official video recently published on the Apple Support YouTube channel that appeared for error the reference to AirTag.

The video in question – which has now obviously been removed – is titled "How to wipe your iPhone" and AirTags were mentioned in Settings Apple ID Find Find my iPhone in the section Allow Offline Search, with a series of small explanatory writings that read:

"Offline search allows this device and AirTag to be found even when not connected to a WiFi or cellular network."

So nothing new on the horizon. The real problem, if anything, is a possible impact of Coronavirus' healthcare containment measures on operations, but for now analysts they do not signal dangers, at least on this specific front. If everything goes as we hope, therefore, Apple could bring AirTag out these days, perhaps on the occasion of the launch of the new iPhone SE, or at the latest at WWDC 2020; in any case, a matter of little.

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