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Airport without taxes? Yes but…

Here is what the press release from the Italian distributor writes.

"The Legislative Decree of May 2001 was approved and finally published in the Official Gazette no. 156 of 7 July, for which the Italian State liberalizes the installations of WireLess devices at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Still in February 1997, some European states, including Italy, had signed the European directive "ERO / ERC 96-17" for which the signatory States undertook to liberalize the trade and installation of 2.4 GHz Wireless devices, without any authorization (and therefore without expenses) from the various Ministries. All these states and also the other non-signatories of the standard have committed themselves to liberalizing wireless systems while Italy has not. Until July of this year! From July 8, in fact, the bill entered into force after publication in the Official Gazette.

The use of these devices has been liberalized provided that the product is approved by the Ministry of Communications or that it has the CE mark. (Art. 8) Therefore: – It can be installed without any request to the Ministry of Communications; – No authorization fees have to be paid anymore: all the previous rules that provided for the payment of L. 500,000 for the request for authorization and L. 50,000 for each Wireless device, are abolished.For more information on Directive 99-05, published in the Official Journal n. 156 of 7 July 2001, visit the website:

As you know, all Macs, laptops and desktops for over 2 years now have been prepared for the Wireless Airport / WI-FI connection and the cheapest base station on the market is produced by Apple: Airport Base Station.

Apparently all the constraints that prevented its use without further burdens would have fallen … (some of our readers maliciously points out that the fact coincides with the Wi-Fi support of Intel, Microsoft and company) we hope this will bring new admirers to Apple who has always been a champion of new technology.

In any case, since it is a very recent law, it is good to wait for the official interpretation of article 8 and all the major vendors operating in wireless are working to have a clear and definitive answer.