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AirPort at Birmingham Airport.

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Not only has Apple seen it right by proposing the wireless transmission with the WiFi system on the market, a few years ago, but also the marketing of the product name, AirPort, was spot on, predicting an inevitable destiny. Right at the airports, before any other environment, WiFi finds an exceptional development which, in air delays, evidently has its strong point for those who want to take advantage of these waiting periods to continue working or simply stay connected to the web. pages that many airports around the world are providing wireless coverage, sometimes free and sometimes for a fee.

Last case the British airport of Birmingham which thanks to the operator UK Explorer covers the entire Terminal 2 with wireless internet. We have been informed by Martin Hickman of UK Explorer the rates (not exactly cheap, especially on the "short") for access: 4 pounds (6.33 euros) for 30 minutes, 6 pounds (9.50 euros) for 1 hour, 12 pounds (18.99 euros) for 1 day, 24 pounds (37.98) for 1 week and 39 pounds (61.72 euros) for a whole month.Birmingham reached by British Airways several times a week from Milan, Rome and Venice (Turin will also be connected soon) .We remember that, although the Italian legislation still remains to be clarified would not allow public use, some time ago we had told of the only comparable Italian example: Megabeam (which now no longer explicitly rates and which does not allow Italians to perform a free trial), evidently deciding to challenge the slowness of legislation.