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AirPods X, new generation postponed to 2021

AirPods X, new generation postponed to 2021

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According to rumors from the East, the second generation AirPods Pro have been postponed to the new year.

AirPods X Launch 2020 2021

In theory, Apple would be working on one new generation of AirPods Pro to be added to the light version arriving in May. The current conditions however make it difficult to continue research and development, with the result that they have been postponed to the end of the year, if not beyond.

AirPods in super offer on Amazon: up to 60 less

AirPods in super offer on Amazon: up to 60 less

On Amazon, AirPods are in super discount offer. It starts from 139, shipments included, for the second generation with standard case. And just 169 for the one with the wireless case.

This was revealed by Digitimes who, citing very reliable Taiwanese sources, says:

"Apple is likely to postpone the launch of the new AirPods Pro. Apple is thinking about the possibility of postponing the launch of its new AirPods Pro to the second half of 2020, or even to 2021, according to the sources of the suppliers connected with the earphones."

The reference to those mysterious AirPods X that we talked about in the past months; it is a more modern and sophisticated version of AirPods Pro, designed especially for sporty and more dynamic users. They will probably be IP67 certified but more than that, at least for the moment, not known. We will update the post as soon as there is news: stay tuned.

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