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Air Video, video streaming from Mac and PC to iPhone and touch

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Air Video, video streaming from Mac and PC to iPhone and touch –

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Often to be able to watch videos on iPhone and touch, the file must undergo a long conversion process, finally the memory of our large but not infinite paperback, thus forcing us to choose which videos to bring with us. Air Video solves both problems in one fell swoop. Once the app is installed on the iPhone and touch we have full access to our video collection stored on Mac and PC, finally we also have the possibility to choose the desired remote video and play it on the fly streaming on our pocket, even in a format not natively supported by iPhone and touch.

In order to function Air Video requires the installation on our computer of a free software downloadable from the developer's website, available both in Mac version and for PC version. The developer warns that Air Video requires a router that supports UPnP or NAT-PMP for correct operation.

At this point on iPhone and touch we always have all the folders and contents that we want stored on the Mac or PC: not only videos but also all the iTunes playlists. The software allows you to configure the conversion parameters that can take place both in real time and offline, in this way the user can set the resolution, zoom and even cut the video. The Air Video solution works via Wi-Fi connection and for iPhone also via 3G cellular network.

Air Video proposed on the App Store for 2.39 euros.

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