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After years of romance was a love over?

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After years of romance has a love ended?

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Adobe advertises on its website a series of seminars in various US locations but curiously Apple does not appear among the co-sponsors of the event (in the past the two companies often collaborated also in the DV sector), but instead Compaq and Matrox yes.

There is, maliciously, to be considered decidedly dated and no longer at professional levels, Adobe Premiere (albeit at version 5), which is the focus of the seminars, so much so as to have induced Adobe to seek out less prominent sponsors for broadcast activities video also in consideration of Apple's Final Cut Pro which proved to be more performing even with the recent release 1.2.5.

On the other hand, the summit of Adobe, as reported yesterday also in an article by Macity, declared to be a friend of Steve Jobs for years, while having only aseptic commercial relations with Bill Gates. Perhaps this last statement cheers our readers for the future.

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