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After Instagram also Cinegram ready to arrive on Android

After Instagram also Cinegram ready to arrive on Android

After the enormous success encountered by Instagram on the Android platform, the well-known program alsoCinegram ready to arrive on the platform Google.

Cinegram an application that, like Instagram, allows us to share your creations with the community of friends exactly as it happens on the photographic Social Network, the main difference that you will not create photographs from the taste, but well of theAnimated GIFs.

To create these baster effectsrecord a short 2-3s video clip, choose the part of the video you want and, above all, and which particular you have to animate in our GIF, because this is the fascinating thing about the application,finally you can also apply various artistic effects such as those proposed by Instagram, once you have chosen the effect you just have to share it with your friends.

Here are some creations

As you have been able to understand the mixture of static and animated gives rise to truly original effects.

Here is the address to the official website to see other creations made by users.

SullApp StoreCinegram appears to be free, most likely it will also be for Android.

We just have to wait for more news.


GIF:The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap-type image format that is widely used in the World Wide Web, very often for animations and in the background for still images.

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