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"Affaire", Gartner; pays Apple Australia PR

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"Affaire", Gartner; pays Apple Australia PR – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Myrna van Pelt, head of public relations for Apple Australia, cost the "leak" on Gartner's report on the cost of maintaining Macs. According to a local newsletter, Computer Daily News, van Pelt was in fact fired from the local Apple branch.

The head of the PR manager would have been asked by Gartner herself, really irritated by the wide echo of an investigation that had been disseminated without her authorization and taken as an absolute and general datum when instead it referred to a specific case, that of the university of Melbourne.

According to a research carried out at the fine arts, Macs were cheaper than PCs if one considers, in addition to the purchase price, also that of maintenance and assistance. The figure, very positive for Apple, had been released by the Australian apple branch and taken from many newspapers (including ours) all over the world. Gartner for deemed the generalization implemented by the Apple press release, which drew conclusions impossible to draw from such a small sample, not appropriate. Following this stance, Apple Australia issued an apology statement followed by the dismissal of van Pelt.

According to Computer Daily News, Myrna van Pelt was highly respected in the journalistic environment and for four years had been doing her work with the media very well in favor of Apple. All this evidently was not enough to save her place given the relevance of the injured party. Gartner one of the most powerful investigative companies in the world and evidently Apple, making some calculations, preferred to choose the sacrifice of one of its valiant employees rather than the risk of forever antagonizing a giant within the reach of Gartner.

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