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Advertising is also on WhatsApp

In order to put companies in contact with users, in addition to sponsored messages, specialized chat bots are envisaged

WhatsApp is preparing for big changes, compared to which the controversial introduction of status updates will seem robotic. This was revealed by the Reuters agency, after having got their hands on some communications related to the project being implemented at the company. From the information obtained, it seems that WhatsApp is collaborating with some startups inside the Y Combinator incubator to communicate companies and users within the platform through service messages and promotional offers.

The messaging service could therefore request a payment to companies wishing to get in touch with the billion users who populate the platform using the private message channel, but open the platform's doors to brands, merchants and advertisers it would be equivalent to entering a minefield. The slightest interference too perceived by end users could provoke a reaction that not even the most fierce opponents of WhatsApp have been able to trigger: a mass exodus from the platform towards the numerous and similar alternatives of the competition.

For this reason, the group headed by Facebook it is proceeding with lead feet with the operation, probing the opinion of its users regarding the type of external interventions that they would be willing to endure in order to continue using the service, and which they would actually find useful. The final result will therefore not necessarily concern unsolicited advertising or interventions, but more likely a more organic interaction that could involve bot specialized in conversation and in customer support. However, the rumored changes will not see light soon: according to some sources, the project is still in its early stages, a sign that before the eventual entry of the brands into the messaging service we will have time to witness other more or less epochal changes.


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