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Advantages of using a FRITZ! Box for your home network

Advantages of using a FRITZ! Box for your home network

Why should we use a FRITZ! Box instead of the operator modem or compared to other modems? Let's find out together

In many Web guides we find FRITZ! Box of the German house AVM as the modem line with the highest quality that we can adopt at home, whatever the type of connection (ADSL or optical fiber). Since the vast majority of the guides in this regard only simple publicity stunts, without really showing how much this line of modems is worth or if it really only lives up to the modems of the operators or other manufacturers, we decided to take the situation in hand: in this guide in fact we will show you concretely what are the advantages of using a FRITZ! box for your home network, so that you can choose independently whether it is worth buying it or not (the economic aspect counts a lot since these modems really cost a lot since the models labeled as entry-level by the house).

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Should you bet on a FRITZ! Box?

Without feeding other brands, below we will find all the good reasons to use a FRITZ! Box at home and, for consistency, also the reasons why it is not convenient to use a FRITZ! Box at home, so that we can personally evaluate whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (always with reference to the line we use at home).

Why use a FRITZ! Box

We obviously start from the merits of using a FRITZ! Box, given the high positive ratings they often receive on all the guides and on Amazon itself (something will mean!).

Modem compatible with any line and operator

A FRITZ! Box can be used on any type of fixed Internet line with any operator: both if we have Fastweb and if we use a TIM, Vodafone, Wind or Tiscali line, it takes very few steps to configure a FRITZ! Box and be immediately operational, by replacing the modem supplied on loan for use by the operator or by replacing any other type of third-party modem.

DNS change without limits

Using a FRITZ! Box we can quickly configure a new DNS server, very useful to overcome the limits and blocks imposed by the operator (which often blocks the change of DNS on the modems provided to avoid this). On a FRITZ! Box it takes just a few clicks to change DNS for all connected devices, without having to change them on individual devices.

Faster and more powerful Wi-Fi

With a FRITZ! Box modem we will be able to take advantage of the latest Wi-Fi technologies, so that we can surf up to 1,733 + 866 + 400 Mbit / s, depending on the type of network used (5 GHz or 2.4 Ghz). Although many models do not have external antennas, the internal ones are positioned on each side of the modem, so as to be able to guarantee maximum coverage (often even higher than the operators' modem, but a lot depends on the walls of the house). technologies designed to increase speed even in case of weak or disturbed signal (Beamforming and MU-MIMO), which help a lot when placing a FRITZ! box in a large or very large house.

Connection of telephones and DECT systems

If we have an analogue telephone we can connect it without any problems whatsoever to the selected FRITZ! Box, so that we can receive and make calls; in addition to the old telephones we can connect up to 6 cordless or DECT telephones, ISDN telephones and the like, so as to meet all types of needs.

Automatic performance check

Among the numerous options of the FRITZ! Box we find a complete screen where we can check CPU consumption, RAM consumption and the trend of network traffic, so that we can monitor the performance of our new modem in any condition, even if multiple users are connected at the same time.

Detailed information on connection to the control panel or to the cabinet

If suddenly the line stops working and we don't understand where the problem is, a FRITZ! Box able to show a series of technical information on the line very useful for a computer technician or to provide assistance, so that we can solve the problem as quickly as possible. as fast as possible.

Professional network management

Each network device connected to the network can be configured to use the line only at certain times or we can assign a specific IP, a specific name or choose the maximum speed at which it must navigate.

Effective Parental Control functions

If we want to impose navigation limits on our minor children, with a FRITZ! Box we will have a very effective parental control to limit Wi-Fi navigation, to impose limits on the sites that minors can visit and on the devices they can use.

Advanced multimedia features

With a FRITZ! Box we can use the USB ports to connect an external disk and transform the modem into a NAS or a DLNA server, so that all the files contained inside can be seen and viewed from any PC, Smart TV or others network connected devices.

Remote access to the home network

A FRITZ! Box offers the possibility to connect to the modem even when we are away from home, through a dedicated VPN connection: once the app is installed on our mobile device and the service is enabled, we will be able to connect to the FRITZ! Box's VPN and navigate as if we were still at home, keeping our public IP and accessing the network resources present (other computers, NAS or servers).

Constant updates

The operating system of the FRITZ! Box constantly receives updates to increase security and add new functions, so that all users can have a secure and modern network even after many years.

Because it is not convenient to use a FRITZ! Box

After seeing a rundown of the advantages of a FRITZ! Box, for correctness we have to closely observe what may be of the disadvantages in choosing AVM modems.

They can be difficult to configure

On many lines just connect it to be immediately operational, while on some lines (FTTC in particular) we will have to obtain the navigation parameters by calling the telephone operator's assistance, providing the MAC Address of the old modem and the MAC Address of the selected FRITZ! Box , so that we can configure the passage. If we are geeks these things are simple, but for a novice user or who does not even know what an IP might not be easy to configure a FRITZ! box, despite the presence of a convenient wizard.

Confirm two-factor operations

Even if this feature can be disabled, basically any very important changes in the FRITZ! Box must be confirmed by pressing buttons on the AVM cordless phone or by pressing one of the buttons on the modem body. This sort of two-factor authentication increases security, but it can be really annoying if we are operating from a PC away from the modem.

High price

One of the things that can discourage a user from buying a FRITZ! Box is certainly the price: they are currently among the most expensive modems (except for gaming modems). You pay for the quality, but for inexperienced users or for users who are not familiar with how a network works, a FRITZ! Box could be really excessive.


If we were still undecided whether or not to buy a FRITZ! Box, we carefully read the advantages and disadvantages exposed and ask ourselves if the modem is right for us or not. The FRITZ! Box can be purchased on Amazon where there are various models that start from 90 Euros up to 200 depending on the characteristics. For our part we can tell you that the quality is perceived and such a complete and fast modem you will hardly find it! If instead you are simple users, who do not want too many headaches and the modem "just works", better keep the proprietary modem or point to one of the modems seen in our guides Best VoIP modem router with blocking and call filtering included is Best Modem to buy (fiber, dual band, wireless AC). Is the modem not working properly? We try to understand the origin of the problem in our guide How to tell if the modem router has failed.