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Adress Office 3.5: addresses at your fingertips

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Centromedia viareggina announced yesterday that it has released the new free version of "Address Office" for the Mac platform

The software, now in version 3.5, is a multiplatform program for the management of addresses and telephone numbers that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, telephone numbers, URLs, AIM addresses, ICQ and email addresses. Address Office can quickly find what you are looking for. The program protects your data with a password and useful for both home and laptop computers as well as for the office.

Among the features of "Address Office", the intelligent sorting of records, compatibility with multiple operating systems (Macintosh and Windows) and multiple languages ​​(Italian, English, French, German, Spanish), the generation of mailing lists, compatibility with faxSTF X, eCard and vCard, the inclusion of useful features such as postal codes, statistics, calendar, euro converter, calculator, software auto-update.

Address office requires compliance with European privacy laws and can be extended with Plug-Ins

The software is free for non-commercial use and compatible with both Mac OS Classic (8.1 or higher) and Mac OS X.

Start here to download.