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Adolf Hitler doesn't like iPads

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Jokes, gags, jokes, critical and ironic pieces and from what YouTube has also been filmed. A new product always carries all this and it has also been so for iPad.

Among the many initiatives we point out this "genetically mutated" piece of "The Last Days of Hitler" with subtitles with Hitler talking about iPad. This is not a novelty (the sequence has been used for many other ironic pieces), but the nice and tasty effect.

Below the translation for non-English speakers.

– We expect the iPad to be really popular. It will probably be sold out by BestBuy, here and here. Although we will probably be able to find one in these other locations – Well, I will order it online – My Fhrer, the iPad will not support multitasking, will be able to run only one application at a time – All those who did not think to buy iPad, please come out – What the hell is this a joke? Curse! Who do they think they are? What the hell? There is no camera and steps, but on At & T, how can they think that they use their lousy network? They could have revolutionized the market and it could have been an exceptional thing. – My Fhrer, can you run iPhone applications – iPhone applications? I wanted Mac Os X– My Fhrer, also an eBook reader. – eBooks? If I had wanted eBooks I would have bought a Kindle. This is bullshit! It has all the potential, could have changed the market, could have destroyed all Netbooks in one fell swoop and what do we have in place? An only larger iPod, the only thing that cannot make my iPhone have a screen divided in two and not even able to make phone calls! There were so many rumors … Stupid iPad! I spent so much time dreaming, hoping that Apple could go out with the perfect tablet. Shit … Instead it is pronounced only as if it were cursed sanitary napkin; there is nothing manly about that stuff. I wanted to see videos of crazy cats while I'm lying on the bed, but nothing, they didn't even flash support, they didn't give us full web support like what they promised us with iPhone. What am I supposed to do? Playing Bloons? – Don't cry, you can play on my Netbook– This is the first time in a long time that Apple has disappointed me so much. What sadness. Better nobody give it to me. I could wait for the HP slate now. They could do the right thing. I have lost faith in Apple now. Leave me alone.