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Adobe wants to bring Lightroom to the iPad

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Adobe wants to bring Lightroom to iPad –

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Lightroom will also be available in an iPad version, the same goes for other Adobe software that are being developed in versions dedicated to the Apple tablet. The revelation comes directly from Adobe, more precisely from Jack Nab Photoshop product manager. While the iPad version of Lightroom mentioned clearly by the manager, the indications about the other programs are less direct. Some clues point the suspicions on a possible touch edition of Photoshop, perhaps in an Express version, ie revised and lightened for iPad.

Jack Nack talks about the Adobe software being developed for iPad in a long reflection published on the official Adobe blog regarding the battles between the Apple and Adobe about Flash technology and above all the use of alternative development tools to create apps. In this long digression, Jack Nab declares that he intends "to make the most amazing image application the world has ever seen for iPad". The statement seems to point directly to an ad hoc version for the tablet of the most popular photo editing program in the world.

In the same message on the blog there is no shortage of criticisms not too veiled to Apple. In particular, mention is made of the choices that Apple does not always understand when it comes to approving applications for its online store. “Who knows if Lightroom will be approved? Nobody can tell, ”says Nack.

According to the Photoshop manager, the battle between Apple and Adobe does not only concern Flash, but also other fronts. Among these, the contrast on the market between Lightroom and Aperture is also mentioned: “Apple does not sell Lightroom in its stores. This does not prevent Lightroom from being a success; but what if his stores were also the only stores? How would it be possible to stimulate competition? " An explicit reference to the online application store which is managed by Apple and which is the only one accessible from Apple's mobile devices and also the only system for developers to reach them.

“The effects of this system can be chilling. easy to talk about 200 thousand applications – says Nack – much more difficult to take note of all those that are not there. Thick applications that would have been created if only the developers had the opportunity to compete and innovate correctly. You shouldn't worry about this because you love or hate Apple, but because these problems affect you as customers and creatives. "

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