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Adobe, the Flash Platform also supports iPad

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In addition to the praise, there was no shortage of criticisms of the new Apple device. These include one of the shortcomings already complained about on iPhone and iPod touch, which share the OS with iPad. This is the lack of support for Adobe's Flash technology, which will make it impossible to browse websites developed via Flash n will allow you to view such content.

Despite the closure of Apple against Flash, Adobe released Flash Platform a few weeks ago, a platform that allows you to easily convert Flash programs into applications for the App Store.

Just today the Photoshop company has declared that its platform will allow the development of applications also on iPad (although it cannot currently take advantage of the higher screen resolution of the Cupertino tablet) and has invited the developers to engage in this sense.

The solution, in any case, a kind of fallback; if it is true that it will be easy to convert Flash applications into programs for the App Store, the "web-flash" contents will always remain unreachable, however undermining the usability of all the sites that make massive use of Adobe technology. In short, as long as Flash is not used, it will always be missing something to consider the best iPad browsing experience available. (By Giordano Araldi)