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Activity Tracker Pedometer: track your activity without GPS

Activity Tracker Pedometer: track your activity without GPS

Activity Tracker Pedometer

In this period of coronavirus, in addition to the danger of becoming infected, it is also causing damage to our body due to sedentary lifestyle. Sitting on the sofa in front of the TV for a long period of time causes enormous damage to the body, considering that we cannot burn the calories we put in with food. After this period (hopefully as short as possible) we will have to make up for lost time and begin a phase of outdoor physical activity that will dispose of the accumulated fat. The mobile devices that we all own can help us control calories, because they have the ability to measure steps and calories. We no longer need to purchase an additional device for monitoring physical activity. You can simply use apps built into the operating system or download other third-party apps to keep track of your business, such as Activity Tracker Pedometer.

Activity Tracker Pedometer: keep track of your daily activity

If you have an iPhone, on the App Store you can find a free app called "Activity Tracker Pedometer”(Offers in-app purchases). It is a pedometer that allows you to track your activity throughout the day, without draining the iPhone battery and with a clean and clear interface. This solution eliminates the need to wear a smart fitness tracker and checks your steps, active calories burned and distance traveled. View hourly, daily, weekly and monthly activities clearly. The app keeps up to date on the number of daily steps through the notification of the steps on the icon itself, without having to open the app.

Activity Tracker notifies you of steps

The app Activity Tracker it caught my attention when i found out that all the reviews on the store are 4 and 5 stars out of about 2,500 ratings. In my opinion, the strength of this app is the ability to collect information from the iPhone, Apple Watch (Premium update) motion sensor, synchronizing data with Apple Health (Premium version), providing the most up-to-date information on the daily activity without the use of GPS.

Daily Activity Tracker

How to install Activity Tracker

Start with downloading Activity Tracker Pedometer from App Store. When you open the app you will find a guide that details the application's functionality. It is compatible with iPhone 5s or newer, because the processor with the integrated motion sensor is needed, a solution that avoids discharging the phone's battery. You can choose to activate notifications, which allow you to show badges with the number of steps on the app icon.

The app allows you to view the data every day of the week, the number of steps, the distance (kilometers), the minutes of activity, the calories burned (kilocalories) and then the amount of floors climbed. In the center of the screen you will see a large wheel that shows the summary hour by hour and by touching the lower circles you can see a daily summary.

Going in Settings, you can set your personal data. It allows the app to set your parameters. You can adjust your weekly step goal, change units of measure, set gender, weight and height. Finally, it is possible to import the historical data of the steps in the Apple Health app.

App settings

User experience

I did a little field test to test the accuracy of the tracker data. I took 200 steps counted and then I measured the single step. The Apple Health app reported 195 steps e Activity Tracker he measured the same number of steps as 195. Each one measured only 0.1 km, 11 kcal and took 1 minute to cover the 200 steps. By comparing the two apps, the data is better visualized with the Activity tracker, it summarizes the data in a simpler way and you can immediately see data graphs based on the daily and weekly progress of the objectives.

Some functions of the app blocked in the PRO version. At a cost of 5.49 you can connect your Apple Watch and the complete kit for the Health app and you can see your hourly data, monthly and weekly statistics. If you try to click on the large circle (your steps for the day), the hourly data will be activated momentarily, but immediately you will be asked to purchase the complete application. The app is very well refined and seems to do an excellent job in viewing your data, above all, it does it in a simple way.


Why should you buy the PRO version? If you are training for a competition, having hourly data can be very useful. If you have an Apple Watch, you would certainly like to have support for the Apple watch as well. And then, integrate this app with Apple Health, maximum control of data on your physical activity.

Hourly activity

In summary, the app does an excellent job of quickly detailing steps, kilometers, kcal burned, time and number of floors. Battery life not affected by the fact that the app is running. By clicking on the small circles below you can see the daily trend data. If you are looking for a simple app in the functionality to track your tracker data, consider this app. Without the purchase of the full app, some features are missing that could prove useful. In essence, the app will help you move, that the ultimate goal of this app, therefore, can help people lead healthier lives. Activity Tracker Pedometer you can download it for free on App Store, while if you want the full version, you have to update it at the price of 5.49.