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According to iFixit, the new Mac Mini is more difficult to repair than the model …

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According to iFixit, the new Mac Mini is more difficult to repair than the previous model.

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The guys from iFixit have disassembled the brand new Mac Mini, just as they have always done to give a judgment on the degree of repairability of many devices. The last "victim" was as mentioned above the Mac MIni, update of the version launched in 2012 which, according to iFixit, it would be more difficult to repair than the previous model.

In fact, once the teardown was done, iFixit assigned a score of 6 out of 10 compared to the 8 points achieved by the previous model. In practice, the closer the score is to 10, the easier it is to repair the device under consideration. Having lost two points, the new Mac Mini would therefore be more difficult to repair and / or disassemble.

The difficulties encountered by the guys busy at the teardown to disassemble the Mac Mini were not few, one of the reasons why the score dropped. Once for everything dismantled, great disappointment for the RAM memory that soldered and therefore not replaceable if not servicing the Mac Mini.

The space inside has also decreased since the new one Airport card connects without cables to the PCIe port and it is difficult to extend the capacity of the Mac Mini as it is present one SATA port but you could solve the problem by using one additional PCIe port (already present) to which to connect an SSD.

These, in essence, the judgments given by iFixit which, although not absolute, give an excellent idea of ​​how the Mac Mini was assembled. If you want to know more, below is the video with commentary of the teardown made by iFixit.

(youtuber youtube = ’http: // v = pPBgOHqdr3Y’)


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