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Above & Beyond Air Combat: air battles on iPhone and touch

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Above & Beyond Air Combat: air battles on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

We forget the infinite commands and super realistic procedures of flight simulators: in the new Above & Beyond Air Combat we use the accelerometer and touch screen controls to intuitively control a series of futuristic planes in three different game types. In the main game mode, we must destroy all air resistance and land defenses to conquer 60 islands. The original setting with open scenarios made in a spectacular 3D: the player has complete freedom of movement between sky, sea and islands in a landscape that enchants and relaxes.

In Survival mode, on the other hand, we must resist as long as possible by knocking down the enemies with the aim of achieving the highest possible score, a result that we can then share and compare with that of friends and other players via OpenFeint. Finally, remember the Gauntlet game mode: in addition to flying in spectacular and dangerous canyons, we must pilot the plane in order to touch all the markers on the course.

In addition to the effective graphics of the 3D open scenarios, the construction of the aircraft is also particularly accurate: every time the plane changes direction and altitude it is possible to admire reflections and light effects on the nacelle. In addition, it is possible to customize the plane not only by choosing different colors but also weapons, protection shields and various upgrades. The developers ensure very short or even zero loading times, the possibility of listening to our favorite songs within the game, and finally numerous possibilities to customize the game controls.

In addition to the game screens, we also present the presentation YouTube video below. Above & Beyod Air Combat available on the App Store for 2.39 euros with a 25% discount for the launch.

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